Platform Assemblies

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)

  • Sean Guy

What if we were to treat architecture as a product? How would we design buildings and what types of platforms could architecture be distributed on in this form? Platform Assemblies is a design studio set against the backdrop of the digital technology revolutions (robotics, 3D printing, CNC milling) & built offsite trends (prefabrication & modularity) we are currently seeing in the architecture & construction industry, and seeks to reconcile the disconnect between offsite prefabrication, and advanced fabrication technologies of the digital age.

The studio process will run in a feedback loop between research around advanced fabrication, algorithmic design that explores the capacity of these technologies, prototyping and making, and platform distribution, where all parts influence one another during the process. Rather than designing a final building, we will aim to design more of a ‘framework’ for an architecture at a small scale, with the intention that this framework could be used to assemble buildings across different scales and typologies. This framework will become the architectural ‘product’.

No experience with algorithmic tools is required, however an interest in the capacity of algorithms and a willingness to engage with these tools in highly iterative processes is essential.