Shared Solitude 02

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)

  • Oscar Sainsbury

Ecological Repair and Reconsidered Suburban Densification, Darebin Creek Catchment

Shared Solitude studio explores the notion that suburban infill housing can be developed with ecological considerations as a principal focus. The studio will focus on the Darebin Creek Catchment as a testing ground for other Melbourne waterways and explore a range of dwelling types that offer solitude and shared spaces and contribute to broader ecological repair.

Most major cities in Australia expect intensified infill development over the coming decades, which, without significant intervention, is expected to have a considerable negative influence on the hydrology, resource efficiency, livability and amenity of our cities.

IRP4: Water sensitive outcomes for infill development. Typologies Catalogue p.3.

‘Dual-occ’, ‘trip-occ’ and other similar style developments take an existing site(s), subdivide or amalgamate to increase the number of dwellings. This type of infill development plays a significant role in the densification of suburban Melbourne, one that is only expected to intensify in the near future. However, standard infill practice often results in housing with low quality site usage, vegetation cover, open space and poor water and thermal performance.

Using principles established in the Monash Urban Lab’s ‘IRP4: Water sensitive outcomes for infill development’ project, this studio explores how different housing models can contribute to urban densification strategies that improve environmental performance and livability. Students will consider a range of housing ‘types’ that sit between small single dwellings and small apartments, proposing high quality infill development designs that can be applied throughout Melbourne’s missing middle.

The realisation of these ideas will be achieved through multiple methods and scales including site observation and documentation, re-search and mapping, as well as architectural iterations and resolutions involving drawings, details and physical and 3d models, imagery and photography.

This studio will involve both group and individual work and will involve a field trip to Darebin Creek (tbc)