Spencer 2 Spring (de)assemblage

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Semester 1, 2021

Studio leader(s)

  • Alonso Gaxiola
  • Rafid Hai

Spencer to Spring is interested in individual’s readings of the CBD, in cataloguing and documenting one’s own experiences, and translating these into architectural intent. At Spencer 2 Spring we will test an alternative method to investigate -in our case catalogue- and transform precedents into architectural designs, by observing closely at the way the built environment around us operates. This studio will test a design methodology that translates these events into precedents for architectural design. The methodology is divided into 3 stages (Cataloguing, Re-Imagination, and Application) and it requires students to understand the way the city operates at different scales and levels. This understanding is further developed by first re-imagining the catalogue findings in different scenarios, and finally applying these scenarios in response to an architectural brief on a site within the city. The studio’s approach to the final architectural outcome is to explore the results of programmatic contradictions.

We are interested in spatial conditions generated by seemingly incompatible programs and we encourage programmatic pollination. This semester we will focus on a small scale urban intervention which is generated from the studio's collective assemblage of investigations sited in the open-air car park located on Lonsdale St, between Swanston and Russell St. (opposite to QV) which would act as a context for our application stage.

In brief Spencer 2 Spring (de)assemblage looks at extracting students' own personal understanding of events & acts occurring in the CBD, how they interact / operate & above all their potentiality to be replicated as precedents that may not sit within the traditional notion of architecture.