Civic Sounds

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2022

Studio leader(s)

This studio stands in the shadow of the Melbourne’s recent urban growth: As Melbourne grows, so too does the need to maintain and celebrate what makes Melbourne, Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). As one-hundred thousand people have moved to Melbourne every year in the four years preceding the pandemic, this has put pressure on issues of public space, housing, afford- ability, climate and civic participation at the centre, and at the edge, of Melbourne, where most of the new population resides. In the context of Melbourne’s rapid growth, and recent isolation, the aim of this studio is to look at what constitutes a cultural and civic building. In the context of Melbourne’s recent and rapid growth, this studio focuses on celebrating our cultures, and in particular, performance and music cultures.

This studio zooms into a cultural precinct in the City of Melbourne to create a new cultural and civic building: with culture broadly defined as a gathering place to consume and create culture; a platform where people meet and exchange ideas; or a place to come together to share beliefs. Students will develop a brief that combines a cultural centre with performance and music spaces. This brief will be developed by looking at the temporary-use of space, including infrastructures for cultural activities and festivals.

This studio will be led by Timothy Moore with different members of Sibling across the semester.