Melbourne Metabolising

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2022

Studio leader(s)

  • Peter Charles

The urban morphology of Melbournes Hoddle Grid is formed by the repetition of many similar building typologies produced by forces such as planning regulations, economic stimulus, technological innovations and societal shifts.

Melbourne Metabolising will attempt to reconstruct the evolution of the Hoddle grid in stages, by analysing and archiving the various dominant building typologies decade by decade in the form of mappings and drawings. We will link them together through the key events.

We will study the generative principles behind the typologies, and using digital programming techniques speculate on the expansion of these principles further towards 2050.

In addition to learning research techniques and gaining greater understanding of the forces that have shaped Melbournes built history, students will be introduced to a lineage of key international architects design composition and analysis strategies. Students will have opportunity to expand digital programming skills and learn Cityengine and Grasshopper. Students can use digital tools to their own comfort level, or focus more on analysis.