Regional Housing

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2022

Studio leader(s)

  • Lisa Garner
    Andrej Vodstrcil
    Lian Architects

In Regional Housing students will develop infill housing typologies for region al towns in response to the ongoing undersupply of housing in many regional centres across Victoria.

Caused partly by a property boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, tree-change migration and the rise of Airbnb, limiting the number of Iong-term rental units available, the current housing shortfall has far-reaching impacts on regional economies and the well being of the population. This crisis presents a new challenge for the Victorian design and development industry.

To avoid replicating the urban sprawl typical to current industry practice, new approaches to regional housing are urgently required to support existing communities and attract new residents to allow regional centres to thrive economically and socially. In response to this challenge, the aim of the studio will be to:

  1. Test and develop medium-density alternatives to typical industry design approaches.
  2. Test innovative spatial & organisational strategies within the proposed typologies taking key I earnings from exemplary local and international precedents.
  3. Explore spatial qualities unique to regional living and climate, translating these observations into architectonic strategies.
  4. Develop and refine innovative tectonic, material and construction methodologies that are suitable for regional sites.

Guests: OVGA, Homes Victoria, Housing Choices and Wintringham

Tutors: Regional Housing will be led by Lisa Garner and Andrej Vodstrcil of Lian Architects. Lian was established following their success in the Victorian Government's Future Home Competition. Our work is focused on medium-density, affordable housing solutions for the Australian context.