The Order of Things

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2022

Studio leader(s)

Key Words: Space, Architecture, Atmospheres, Ethnography, Human experience, Social conditioning, Sensory processing, Inclusivity

The Order of Things is a research-focused combined Masters studio/studies unit that will explore the architectural space of the museum

The studio will focus on the complexities of human diversity, philosophy and neuroscience. The research studies component will focus on how people experience the atmospheres of the museum - its stories, technologies, built environments and politics. Students will design a public museum. They will be required to research and reflect on the multiple roles of the museum, and how this can be articulated architecturally. They will learn design ethnographic methodologies, that investigate people's experiences of the world to advance their design practice. Students will be expected to partake in rigorous class discussions regarding how architecture and architects question, research, imagine, communicate and design for public sites, in-particular the museum. A selection of readings will be interrogated, and a series of short written reflections, along with highly executed design propositions, will be expected. All studio work will be individual with minimal group exercises anticipated. We will begin discussing the project brief in week 1.

Our project site will be in Preston, Melbourne. Initial information will be given, however individual site analysis will be expected.

This design studio will be run in conjunction with a research focused studies unit.