Transitioning Bogong Village

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2022

Studio leader(s)

Working on-site and staying on-location in Bogong Village, NE Victoria

  • Regenerative urbanism
  • Carbon positive
  • Retrofit/ re-use/ intervene
  • Community engagement
  • Social infrastructure
  • Economic and life-cycle analysis
  • Landscape heritage
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Challenging futures

The town of Bogong, is located between Mt Beauty and Falls Creek in the alpine region of NE Victoria.

It was established in the 1940s for workers on the Kiewa Hydro scheme, and is a lease on crown land within the NP. The current leaseholders - AGL - do not want to operate the village anymore, and are looking for innovative ideas. The community want to have a say and a voice in the future of this town and see the best outcome for the region. We will be engaging, listening and provoking discussion with all of these parties through design and analysis.

Travel dates:

  • 10,11,12 March
  • 7,8,9 April
  • 8,9,10 June accommodation provided

With guests:

  • Ross Harding (sustainability expert, Finding Infinity)
  • Andy Mero (local alpine construction expert and resident)
  • Milli Gunner (landscape architecture PhD candidate, RMIT)