Qiaoze Yu

Taste the culture: the remix of Western and Chinese culture explores how design practice can tap into the potential creativity that the mixture of Western and Chinese cultures opens up. The research presents new creative understanding of the influence of cultural exchange in history and the value of cross-cultural design as a global trend today. The installation of small dining space consisting of animated projection and printed imagery provides a cross-cultural experience as a meeting between Western and Chinese cultures.

Qiaoze was inspired by the multicultural context basis of his personal experience and a curiosity about the creative potential that a remixing of Western and Chinese culture brings to design practice. His studio project recognizes that culture and creativity influence each other; people shape and share culture while culture is the expression of creativity.

Through practice-based research, the project extends creative experience by examining the topic of cultural exchange in regards to cultural similarity, difference and appropriation. Distinctively, image collecting, collaging and narratives constructing are the main methods used in the investigation.

The exhibition installation is based on the concept of sharing culture as an experience associated with sharing food during dining.

An animation is projecting onto a tabletop and mapped to different shapes that resemble plates. The animation consist of scenes depicting numerology, luxury, mass production,food, music, religions as main components that illustrate a lifestyle narrative. The work aims to create an immersive spatial experience that raises new ideas (and flavours) about cross-cultural design.