A Singular Phenomenon

Bachelor of Communication Design
Semester 2, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Warren Taylor
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Damiano Bertoli

‘A Singular Phenomenon’ explores an iconic moment in Australian popular culture through a multitude of related and random events which together form a bizarre narrative of signs and symbols, an inter-connected framework of influence, circumstance and cultures. As the unavoidable ear-worm of early 1981, Joe Dolce’s, ‘Shaddap You Face’ provides the framework for Aphids Projects 2015 production, created by Lara Thoms and Lz Dunn, which turns the smash hit inside-out on the way to examining kitsch, appropriation and the representation of cultural stereotypes. Somewhere between a rave and music-theatre, ‘A Singular Phenomenon’ spans several decades of Dolce’s life and travels, examining what it takes to make a one-hit wonder.

For this studio, students were asked to consider the concept of theatre as both an original form and as a text that is reshaped through various iterations and performances.

Final year projects