Bethany Woolfall

Bethany’s work is enacted through the process of observation and record making. Subtlety in materiality evokes an array of complex emotional overtones through both its colour and form, only ever subtly hinting at the artistic intent through abstracted imagery. Informed by research across the fields of light, time and colour theory, Bethany’s practice in both the form and registration of photography, film and genetic sculptures creates an intervention into space and environment. Bethany’s practice exists as a site of conceptual, transitory passage and emotional flux - from the known, recreated into the unknown and abstracted. Engaging within a questioning into the elemental interplay of earth and sky, translucence and obscurity, airiness and density, height and depth, and light and dark through expansiveness, a use of conflicting materials in dialogue with one another freezes the ephemerality of light and environment into the one. Not so much interested in preserving an environment in its original form or holding that moment of observed transition in stasis, Bethany’s practice challenges in keeping the fleetingness of a moment frozen; spectated, pondered and still.