Ellinor Pelz

My practice is informed though an expanded painting practice that inhabits a delicate space between performance and gestural painting. Whilst engaging with the confluence of an expanded painting practice, I aim to expose the space and tension of their materiality. In an experimental space between performance, sculpture, audio, text and painting I aim to investigate integral concepts of materiality, otherness and human connection. Mental and literal closeness, or lack thereof is explored through personal complex relationships to form a tension between boundaries/comfort, detachment/ connection and sheltering/smothering in collaborative, performative acts. Bodies are poetically activated as performative paintings expose the terrain of social boundaries and comfort. Such investigations intervene on pre-conceived notions of space, our processes of engagement to artwork’s and how we inhabit or co-habit private and public space. Language no longer relies upon the dominant sense of sight, as the viewer is activated through bodily, sensorial and conceptual engagements. One is made very aware of their own body in space and its relationship to others and objects.