Jemma Cakebread

Jemma Cakebread is a Melbourne based artist currently working with oil painting and textile crafts. She completed a Bachelor of Design Arts with a major in Visual Arts at the Academy of Design, Melbourne before beginning her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at Monash University.

Recent exhibitions include 'Thread', a solo show at Geelong Courthouse Gallery (2016), 'Contemporary Localised Survey', Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne (2016), and 'Materiality', Louis Joel Arts Centre, Altona (2016). she co-organised this show as well as the Melbourne City Mission Charity Art Auction (2016), helping raise over $3,000.

She was the recipient of the Academy of Design's Award of Distinction (2016) and the Melbourne Studio of Art Prize at Smallworks 2016, Brunswick Street Gallery.

My interest in bodily processes, machinations, dissection and science leads me to examine my own body. The disconnection between my corporeal 'mind' and physical body I experience is a problem I continue to resolve in my artwork.

My practice is heavily medium specific and process based. I work with oil painting and crafts such as textile sculpture, embroidery and taxidermy. I am interested in the relationship between craft and fine art and subverting the hierarchy of art through my practice.