Carly Fischer

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” (2014) is a sculptural installation that responds to my MFA research project “All Over the Place: A Journey Through Some of the Problems with Contemporary Site-Specific Practice”. This research sought to investigate the complex relationship between stereotypical preconceptions brought to places and any kind of local reality that might be engaged with through journeying there. Taking The Central Australian Desert as my case study, a place at the heart of Australian mythology, clichés and film representations, I travelled to see how my preconceptions resonated with the site in a contemporary context. The installation “Total Eclipse of the Heart” reflects on how the desert as a discursive site of continuing constructions and reconstructions, facts, fictions and fantasies might be envisioned in response. In the installation, fragments found in the desert are remixed with fabricated fantasies and reconstructed as paper model sculptures. Shape-shifting between ethnographic artefacts, totems, souvenirs, desert art and craft and roadside trash, they are precarious propositions from a place that is somewhat unsure. Between representation and reality, magic and mundane, trash and the treasure, they each suggest a contradictory moment as a monument, a Total Eclipse of the Heart.