Jane Korman

This project includes both videos and photographs and documents my work as a political performance artist. My work is informed by my family history, being the child of Holocaust survivors, and the impact of my parents’ repeated stories of their war time experiences. The videos focus on two primary, interconnected elements. The first is the inheritance of my parents’ trauma; the second is my perception of, and concern about the continuing presence of anti-Semitism in the world.

My practice involves dressing up and performing as a variety of costumed characters. My works include Miss World Peace (Melbourne Rally), Missed World Peace, Lady Gaza, Just an Ordinary Peasant, Whistle While You Work, Dad and Primo Levi and Dance before the Storm. Some of these pieces have been created as a response to the stories my parents have told me. Other pieces have been created as an interruption of current political ideologies that I perceive as displaying dangerous racial biases. All the works are interconnected and serve as a visual caution on the dangers of prejudice.