Kym Maxwell

The formation of a children’s theatre troupe was the starting point for my research regarding ‘Learning Labour,’ where I question the ethical and aesthetic realm of teaching, subjecthood and art. I explored how a child and their independent relation to the world positions’ them as a political subject, either electively or subjectively through education. I consider a child’s approach to learning through an aesthetic and political lens via a context of a theatre. I create experiential outcomes as a social-based arts practice and expose the potential for these settings to enable alternative dialogues. My project is constructed around observing the perimeters within student and teaching behaviours, the research engaging in fields of education psychology and sociology; where I question the tensions between standardisation, ethics and creative determination in pedagogic art practice; and how my current and past pedagogic projects correlate to expressions of students’ will (also postulating about my own self-determinacy as teacher). I evaluate texts by Ruth Sonderegger, Anthony Gardner, Henry Giroux and Chantal Mouffe. Propositions include: Which democratic processes are upheld in education, pedagogy and arts production?; How can students’ artistic processes be included?; If this learning is included, whose agenda is being satisfied?