Hee-Won Ham

Dot brings mindfulness to play as a tool to help users approach depression in a different way.

Dot has unique interactions that users can follow as programmed routines. By using Dot, the product provides a series of programmed interactions using haptic and augmented feedback that aim to calm the user’s mind and allow them to be in tune with themselves. Purposeful edges and lights are main features to trigger the user’s innate skill to be more mindful.

Along with routines, the user has the freedom to create their own experiences and share to the world. Dot’s service would provide programs that would be accessed by the user through an app. The product challenges the need for medication and take-home exercises by redesigning an incorporated system with the counsellor and the pharmaceutical industry. The counsellor would prescribe Dot, and provide their ID code so that the user can connect and follow through their prescribed program. By redesigning this service, this would provide protection to the user in the long-term without the reliance on medication, and therefore the stigma behind depression would be significantly reduced.

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