Apollo Huang

Mono no aware is an attitude of beauty that is relatively sophisticated to put into words. A simplified translation of Mono no aware is often referred to as the bittersweet poignancy of things or the pathos of life. It reflects the acceptance of impermanence that elevates an aesthetic sensibility, that appreciates ephemerality and the gentle sadness of their passing. By adopting and recognizing that uncontrollable uncertainty of life aids us in avoiding the overwhelming sense of morbidity accompanied by ephemerality, instead stressing the importance of our capability to enjoy life by valuing its fleeting moments.

Silfra fissure possesses a unique trait of tectonic divergence, where the fissure diverges 3cms apart each year. Ultimately, separating two landmasses which play with the idea of natural impermanence. The proposal of the insertion of a monument in between two landmasses of Silfra Fissure is an attempt at revealing the natural change that shatters the monument into separate fragments that fall into the lake and dissolves over a short period of time. The Monument produces pink dew through the natural minerals found in the Silfra Lake. The dew only lasts a short duration of time each morning, but recurs every day until the monument falls and disappears forever.

The dew vantage point shrouds its visitors with a cloud of gentle dew. Glazing visitors of their visual site and pushing them away from their domestic reality. Here, the reality of the environment disappears, and visitors are left in a void space for their own self-reflection. The perception of time is transformed, there’s a slowing down if not a suspension.

The water vantage point embraces visitors with a cutout in the partition that acts as a frame for the performance of the pink dew, which appears and dissipates ultimately imprinting a lasting memory into their conscious. For those that come back in the future and look through the frame again, no longer will the art monument show its picturesque performance as it has vanished forever. Only will the remains of the memory challenge the future reality of what is there. A place that is at once absolutely real and connected to the space around it, but that is also a reflection, an inversion, a projected image and extension of the reality.