Stephanie Presser

"Intersex is a lived experience of the body." (1)

A body that does not fit standard definitions of Male or Female.
A body that is unceremoniously cut & medically intervened in, to fit one of these definitions.
Definitions that project from the body, outwards into society, & are re-associated with our experience and our environment; objects, languages, social roles, jobs, events, sub-cultures, landscapes . .

These associations shape a norm of societal perceptions, social arenas & standards of physical appearance and acceptance.

'Intersections For Intersex' explore embodied forms of socio-cultural practice in spatial praxis, to create new social arenas for bodies, that are naturally born non-conforming to the Sex & Gender binary systems.

1 OII Australia - Intersex Australia, Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited. “Intersex for allies”. Last modified 21 November, 2012.
+61 408 572 855