Modern Moloch

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours)
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Stephen Hawken
    Idle Architecture Studio

The Concept

As a practicing spatial designer, I've come to the realisation, that we as design professionals are generally quite efficient, we're practical, we're realists. We're meant to be agents of change, but we've become numb, designing the same 'pretty white kitchen' over and over again.

This style of complicit practice is what this studio will challenge.

I want students who are going to champion bespoke design and foster the ritual of craft. I want students who are going to reject the overbearing idea that systemisation and standardisation are necessary and good.

The Modern Moloch is a monster who feeds on uninnovative, normal, typical, standard interior architecture, and together, we can and must, defeat it.

The Brief

Part 1. A Platform for the Performance of Shared Rituals. A public space for a community/social group of your choosing to come together and celebrate; located in an existing retail space in inner city Melbourne.

Part 2. The Expressiveness of Self. An artists workshop/residence; located in an existing gallery space in regional Victoria. In this task you will be encouraged to self indulge your own ego and explore what you believe interior architecture is and should be.

Tasks will include hand drawing, research of key designers, architects, artists and cultural movements, photography, model making, collage and abstract/artistic graphic representation. Site visits will include: an inner city retail space and a regional gallery space.

The Outcome

Upon completion of this studio students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate command of advanced verbal, visual and written communication techniques, including understanding advanced drawing conventions used in architecture.
  2. Comprehend key architectural works, movements and ideas, their theoretical and cultural context including their relevance to your personal design work.
  3. Reflect upon your learning achievements in design and architecture, including developing an awareness of your own theoretical position in relation to a wider context ofarchitectural issues.

The Tutor

Stephen Hawken is a registered Architect at Idle Architecture Studio, a boutique design practice that works across the multi-residential, commercial and interior design fields.