Space and the Mind's Eye

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours)
Semester 1, 2020

Studio leader(s)

  • Anthony Clarke

Key Words:
Space. Architecture. Interior architecture. Spatial design. Adaptive reuse. Future planning. Psychology. Health. Wellbeing.

Space and the Mind’s Eye is a research focused design studio established to raise a series of complex questions in relation to architectural space and the changing landscape of psychology, mental health and wellbeing. What kind of physical environments help us to navigate our intangible, interior lives? How can the wisdom of the mind sciences be brought to life in immersive, sensory experience? Working in collaboration with next generation psychology collective The Mind Room, students will consider how to create physical space that contributes to human flourishing. Students will be expected to partake in rigorous class discussions and debates in regards to how architecture / architects question, research, communicate and design for health and wellbeing. A selection of readings will be interrogated, and a series of written and design outputs will be expected throughout the semester.

An existing structure (approx. 1000sq.m) will be selected as the project site in Collingwood or Abbotsford within the first few weeks of semester.