Personality profile: Pascal Henle

Pascal is a current MADA student in his third year of architecture and is currently working casually as function and event staff in Melbourne. Pascal grew up overseas in Namibia before deciding to study at Monash.

Name: Pascal Henle

Preferred name: Pascal

Nick name: Cali

Place of birth: Windhoek, Namibia

Education: Saint Paul’s College and Monash University

Favourite architecture quote: Sou Fujimoto “From the infinite dialogues of the brain, eyes, hand paper and space, new architecture is born”

Favourite building at Monash: Building G, Caulfield

Favourite architecture experience: Travelling with classmates to Tasmania in second and third year. It was a great way to bond with peers as well as learning more about architecture beyond the normal environment.

Favourite architecture book/magazine/movie: Delirious NewYork by Rem Koolhaus

Biggest architecture influence: Renzo Piano. He expresses a detailed and functionalist approach within his buildings. There is also a clear development of spaces carried through from the design sketches until the final documentation without losing the attention to detail.

Favourite assignment: Not essays. Model making for Pullover studio in third year. Having a week to make the model allowed him to spend more time to test and experiment with different expressions of the key elements of his project.

Most helpful architecture lesson you’ve ever been taught: “If you are confused, don’t be confused.”

Most useful computer program for design studio: Photoshop, it is a really good way to digitally sketch your ideas and drawings and still be able to revise them at a later date.

Best trick to learn early at MADA: Develop on your existing interests to become specialised. Pascal focused on creating detail oriented drawings to transform a conceptual idea in a constructed object.

Most useful drawing type for design assignments: Sectional perspectives, they compress a variety of drawings into one and they are easily understandable.

Hand drawing or computer modeling: Computer modeling, you can create a 3D object which can be manipulated and render very rapidly.

Favourite architecture theory or style: Rem Koolhaus drawing style, he efficiently expresses the projects identity.

What product do you use the most of on architecture work: Super glue and glue sticks.

Favourite year of study at MADA: Architecture third year, “I’m closer to finishing”.

What type of building would you love to design the most: An airport, because it is an iconic building which provides a first impression to those visiting a country.

Do you prefer details or overall form: Details.

Preferred methods for stress management: Physical activity, Pascal goes for runs and he does squats (for the girls).

Pascal has enjoyed most of his last three years at MADA and had his third place Superstudio competition 2018 entry featured by SONA. As well as this he also received a letter of commendation from MADA in 2017. Pascal is looking to continue his architectural studies in Europe next year and hopefully finish his Masters in Architecture by 2022.

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