Best places to park at Monash Caulfield campus

Firstly, I would like to point out, if you attend University at Monash Caulfield Campus and are able to catch the train, do so. But if driving is a necessity and you don’t want to pay over $210 a semester for a Monash parking permit, I will now explain where is best to park based on; cost, convenience and likelihood of there actually being parking spaces available.

To start, I will reveal the best space to park if; you have money to splurge and want to park on campus, and or, you’ve been looking for a carpark for over half an hour, and it seems every man and his dog is attending their classes today. You also don’t want to spend too much money, but this is your last resort.

Monash Caulfield multi-level

Hidden at the top of the Monash Caulfield Multi-Level is all day ticket parking, however, getting to the seventh level can cause you to have head spins as you spiral up to the top and it costs over $12 for an all-day ticket. The benefits though are that there is always spaces available and you are on campus, so you will be within a stone’s throw of your classroom.

Next are two parking areas that are great if you; are happy to pay standard council parking rates and don’t mind walking about 300m to campus centre.

Dudley Street carpark

Dudley Street Carpark (next to the football oval) is a great spot with the maximum rate of $6 for all day parking. In peak times these are filled by about 11am. Spots will begin to reappear by 4pm if you have a later class. These peak times are created when the Caulfield spring races are on and the carpark there is closed off to the public.

Caulfield Racecourse

That brings me to the second paid location, Caulfield Racecourse has a giant carpark by Caulfield Campus standards and charges the same rate as the Dudley Street carpark. Located on the other side of Caulfield Station this carpark will almost definitely have spaces available, however it does close for several months in spring when the races are on, making getting a carpark around campus a battle.

Lastly, these parking spaces are good for you if; you only need to be on campus for less than two hours. You’re a risk taker and love the adrenalin of a possible ticket or you love free stuff.

Gibson Street

Branching off from Dudley Street as you enter from Dandenong Road is Gibson Street. This street contains a small gem on the left side which has six spaces that are all day free parking. These are often taken but spotting one on your way to Dudley Carpark can make your day an 11/10.

On the other side is a two-hour zone with approximately eight spaces. There are always a few remaining however, it is monitored regularly by council parking inspectors. So, this is a very risky one to leave your car in all day.

Two-hour Zones

The streets on the northern side of campus; ie. Manning Road, Coppin Street, Beaver Street and George Street are all two-hour zones that are rarely monitored by local council parking inspectors. I can’t say I am a regular there, however a peer of mine who is a known risk taker, parks there several times a week, all day, with no repercussions so far after 3 years.

Basically, catch the train if you can, but these parking spaces will definitely make your parking experience at Monash Caulfield much easier in the future (if they’re not occupied).

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