Personality profile: Chelsea Telford

Chelsea Telford is a current third year MADA student. Chelsea grew up in Melbourne with a deep interest in design before deciding to do Architecture at Monash University.

Name: Chelsea Telford
Preferred name: Chelsea
Nickname: Chels
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

Education (schooling) : High school in Melbourne at Yarra Valley Grammar then straight into Architecture at Monash University.

Favourite architecture quote: “if architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing” - Carlo Scarpa

Favourite Monash building: The new Caulfield Library

Favourite Study Abroad experience: Prato (industrial revolution program)

Favourite architecture experience: Visiting the Carrara Marble mines with Monash Prato tour

Favourite Architecture studio: Quarry studio run in third year first semester, a lot of freedom to design and the site particularly excited me.

Most enjoyed assignment: Heavily enjoyed  the Tech model making in first year with the glass and metal work shop.

Biggest architecture influence: This semester I have been looking closely at the theories of Bernard Tschumi in combination with works by Christo and Jeanne Claude. I have always had an affiliation with Carlo Scarpa’s emotive atmospheres and inspired by drawing styles by Eduardo Chillida.

Most helpful architecture lesson you’ve been taught: I think first year studios had the biggest impact on students and most helpful in order to facilitate a new type of thinking which gives a good basis for being able to develop further.

Best trick to learn early at MADA: Learn how to use programs early such as Autocad, Rhino and Revit.

Most useful drawing type for projects: Depending on the project but most commonly a collage or a creative section in order to communicate the atmosphere and effect of inhabiting your project.

Most used program for studio: Autocad. I tend to steer away from using rhino and 3d modelling and focus on plans sections and then collage with photoshop and illustrator.

Hand drawing or computer modelling: Drawing from scratch on the computer rather than 3d modelling.

Favourite year of study: Second year. Narrowed down interests for studio and less stressful than third year.

Favourite architecture theory/style: Modern with Japanese influences.

What building types would you be interested in designing: Pavilions, communal based projects (art precinct/ libraries), rural projects involving dynamic landscapes, and also impermanent installations.

Do you prefer details or overall form in design: Details always.

Favourite book/magazine/movie: The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

Preferred method for stress management: Sleep is definitely needed in order to function and be as efficient as can be. I only realised and started doing this in third year but going to sleep and getting up early and fresh will make you work more effectively and become less stressed due to not being sleep deprived and restless.

Chelsea is currently doing the Babylon Studio run by Rutger Pasman in her final semester of Bachelors. She hopes to continue her Masters in Monash after possibly taking a gap year for work experience and internship and hopefully finish her Architectural Studies by 2022.

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