Personality profile: Inuri Liyanage

Inuri Liyanage is a student who is undergoing her third year of a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash University. She is also involved in the university outside of her degree through its student run clubs, as she is the Vice President for the Monash Art Design and Architecture Student Society (MADASS), this position has made her responsible for many leadership tasks and organizing social events.

Name: Inuri Liyanage

Preferred name: Inuri

Nickname: Inu nu

Place of Birth: Kathmandu, Nepal

Places lived: Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Australia

Education: American International School, Dhaka - (last two years of high school) and Monash University

Favourite architecture quote: “Less is more.”  – Mies van der Rohe.

Favourite Monash building: Monash Caulfield campuses F Building, it feels like home now.

Favourite architecture experience: Doing the study abroad tour in China, the places we visited were not ones I would have known or thought about going on my own. A really insightful experience.

Favourite Architecture studio: Sponge City (Third Year, First Semester).

Most enjoyed assignment: When we had to analyze a nightclub for a studio.

Biggest architecture influence: My peers.

Most helpful architecture lesson you’ve been taught: Show your work, in sketches collages and vignettes.

Best trick to learn early at MADA: Find a program that you like and learn it well!

Most useful drawing type for projects: Perspectives and Views, they really show a lot of information and the experiential program the project is trying to convey.

Most used program for studio: Adobe illustrator.

Hand drawing or computer modelling: I prefer hand drawing, but most studio’s require computer modelling to be able to produce more in a limited amount of time.

Favourite year of study: Second, you get to start balloting and narrow down your classes to your liking.

Favourite architecture theory/style: I’ve recently grown interest in sustainable design and utilizing greenery in architecture and the urban space. At a time of climate and social crisis, it's nice to know we can find solutions to through our field of work.

What building types would you be interested in designing: Humanitarian work mostly, anything that would benefit a crisis in need. Also maybe a school or university building.

Do you prefer details or overall form in design: The detail catches the eye moreso.

Favourite book/magazine/movie: A really wholesome design based show that I love is Queer Eye.

Preferred method for stress management: Listening to music, going for a walk or having a tea break are my go tos.

Inuri is currently taking part in the De Coding studio with tutors Edwina Brisbane and Bec Lewis and is planning to continue on to her Masters of Architecture, also at Monash University, once she has completed her Bachelors this year, with this she hopes to finish her studies component of her journey to graduate by the end of 2021.

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