How to guide on using spatial datamart for site analysis and site contours

This is the how to guide on how to properly use spatial datamart. For those who do not know, Spatial datamart is a huge government provided tool, that in turn will make your life at university so much easier when being given the task of analyzing a site, trust me first years, this is definitely something you’ll have to do for years to come.



Register as a user:

Essentially sign up with an email address and password like you would with any website. Do make sure you sign up with an email that you actually use, as all files needed to be downloaded will be sent to the email you signed up with.



What? Where? Why?

In order to start you need to know the basics. What are you looking for? Land contours? Underground services? Traffic connectivity? Where is your site located? What suburb?

In this case, we are looking at land contours which is specified as elevation and we are going look at the locality of Sorrento, Victoria. Please do make sure when you are selecting data types, to leave it on all, as we don’t want leave out any data.




Now that you have submitted the information, press search and you will be prompted by a screen that looks exactly the same as the previous screen. Don’t worry, just scroll down and you will see a grid that provides you with the files for vector mappings.




When looking at this grid you might become confused, don’t, everything is fine, all you need to do is tick the box that says [select to order], and the press the box that says [proceed to order]


Order details:

You will then be sent to a different page, where you will pretty much have to re-enter everything you did previously. Set [buffer distance] to your desire, I personally set it to 3km for overall site context, and then 1km for a site-specific analysis. [Format], always set format to DWG File, as it is compatible to Adobe illustrator. Set [projection] to geographicals on GDA-94, again this is the most compatible.


Apply to All:

Press apply to all, as this will change the file to everything you selected above. Scroll down to see a similar grid from before. Just below this you will see [submit], press this and you will be taken to an order confirmation, where you will again press [submit]. This file will now be sent to your email.



Opening the file:

Now that the files have been sent to your email, go ahead and download them to your computer, through the link they provide. When opening the file, please make sure you open with Adobe Illustrator, and when prompted by Adobe, select [fit to artboard], as the files are quite big.

You have now successfully downloaded contour maps that will allow you to get an edge on your peers when completing a site analysis task!

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