Personality Profile: Darius Le

Duong Tuan Tran Le, best know as Darius Le is a transgender female architect and a design studio teaching associate at Monash University. Darius Le is an early career researcher with a specific interest in urban spectacle and architectural history. She is currently teaching design at Monash through the Infrastructures of the carnivalesque series; which contends with attitudes around heritage and infrastructure.

Darius Le was my 2nd year design tutor, for the studio called Baguette. Like the very fascinating name of the studio, Darius Le is a highly fashionable and sophisticated personality who believes that “education is the manifestation of learning, teaching and collaborating.”

She is the educator in my life that taught me to be an observant and confident student. Her enthusiasm and passion for architecture taught me to believe in my work, ideas and also to keep pushing the boundaries of architecture through an urban scale.

Name: Duong Tuan Tran Le

Preferred name: Darius Le, might change it to Dariesse soon though.

Nick name: Daz usually.

Place of birth: Carlton, Melbourne

Education: Went to an all-boys Catholic school in Altona North and then went to RMIT University for her Bachelors and Masters in architecture.

Favourite architecture quote: I think I was always fond of this line by Marcus Varro – “feel free to extract parts of it but it’s a description of a largely mythological building…….”

Favourite building at Monash: 18 Innovation Walk (Clayton Campus)

Favourite architecture experience: probably my process talk last year where I spoke about the role of queerness in architecture

Favourite architecture book/magazine/movie: El Croquis monographs

Biggest architecture influence: Edmund & Corrigan, John Hejduk, Erika Naginski, Michael Spooner, ARM Architecture

Favourite assignment: Go have yum cha with your studio cohort

Most helpful architecture lesson you’ve ever been taught: Take things at your own pace

Most useful computer program for design studio: Rhino

Best trick to learn early at MADA: Work smarter, not harder

Most useful drawing type for design assignments: Perspective renders have always been an indulgence of mine.

Hand drawing or computer modelling: I prefer computer modelling to generate the form and then accompany it with hand drawing to build greater comprehension of the forms I’m dealing with.

Favourite architecture theory or style: German expressionism, postmodernism

What product do you use the most of an architecture work: Leather notebook from La Compagnie du Kraft

Favourite year of study at MADA: Not applicable

What type of building would you love to design the most: High end houses

Do you prefer details or overall form: Overall form generally speaking

Preferred methods for stress management: Meditation, yoga, exercising, journaling etc

Darius Le has exhibited many of her work locally as well as internationally and continues to do so. Her biggest achievement is the design studios which can be found on her Instagram @cispicious FKA Darius.

I would like to conclude by saying that, being in Darius’ class was one of the greatest experiences of my life as a young architecture student. Her expertise and abundance of knowledge in the infrastructures of carnivalesque series, urban spectacle, the grandeur of architecture and events lead to the successful development and evolutions of many futures including myself.

Her favourite building at Monash

Architecture: Kosloff Architecture and MAP (Monash Art projects)
Location: 18 Innovation Walk, Monash University, Clayton Campus

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