Student profile: Patrick Calder


Name: Patrick Calder

Nick name: Pat

Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia

High School: Berwick Grammar School

University: Monash University, Engineering and Architectural Design (Double Degree)

Favourite things

Favourite architecture quote:
“When engineers and quantity surveyors discuss aesthetics and architects’ study what cranes do we are on the right road” Ove Arup.

Favourite building at Monash:
The Green Chemical Futures building on the Clayton campus. I like that it applyies biochemical concepts such as using the hexagonal structure shape.

Favourite architecture experience:
Travelling to Japan earlier this year to gain an appreciation and understanding for Japanese architecture. Visiting notable buildings after studying them in history units was a great experience.

Favourite architecture book/magazine/movie:
Tokyo Artrip – Architecture Edition.

Favourite assignment:
Preliminary Long Section for Melbourne Metro Yarra River Crossing (engineering assignment). Essentially, we used geological data and site surveys to find the best path for the new metro tunnel.

Favourite architecture theory or style:
Mid-century modern Japanese, in style of the Villa at Sengokubara by Shigeru Ban, essentially something modern that still evokes tradition.

Favourite year of study at MADA:
First year, all my other years have just been history units. Otherwise I have been studying engineering.

Tips, tricks & lessons learned

Biggest architecture influence:
A small channel on YouTube called 30x40. I like that he covers a broad range of topics, some more related to students, others about his clients.

Most helpful architecture lesson you’ve ever been taught:
Having only completed Foundation Studios I haven’t learned a whole lot but, learning Rhino has probably been the most useful skill I’ve picked up.

Most useful computer program for design studio:
Either Adobe Illustrator or Rhino, I guess both.

Best trick to learn early at MADA:
Time management, it key to staying on top of things.

Most useful drawing type for design assignments:
Plans give a good overview of the design and with varying scales can tell different details

Hand drawing or computer modelling:
Computer Modelling for sure, doing things by hand takes so much longer.

What product do you use the most of on architecture work:
Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliner Pen.

What type of building would you love to design the most:
A revolutionary skyscraper. I believe in the future more advanced technologies in the materials field will allow us to build mega structures in a more sustainable and environmental way. I want to be at the forefront of that.

What made you want to do a double degree rather than just one or the other?
I believe that you need an understanding of both; design and construction. Instead of focusing on a particular area in engineering (structural, geomechanical, etc) this allows me to combine all building systems together. The architecture part allows to apply the latest technologies and design philosophies.

Do you prefer details or overall form:
Overall form, I’m more about the big picture than the finer details.

Preferred methods for stress management:
Exercising regularly, going to the gym or swimming, its best if you can schedule it into your week.

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