Kieran Stack is a graduating student from the Bachelor of Architecture at Monash University

Vestibule is a take on the community garden system that is integral to many different local communities in Australia. Adapted from the use of kitchen gardens as well as intensive-urban farming systems such as "Susteinir" in Singapore, this new mode of farming aims to provide community employment, income as well as ownership whilst learning about responsible farming practices that minimise water use. While this system can be adapted anywhere, the project transforms the Monash Business Park, utilising adaptive reuse to convert existing office blocks into spaces for urban indoor farming.


Vestibule integrates local community members - imparting sustainable farming practices to minimise food waste. Split into 2 components, the “intensive” and “community” vestibules, users and subscribers pay a monthly (waived for those who are financially troubled) which grants them access to a glass ‘community vestibule’ which is their space to grow their own food. The "intensive program also houses "intensive vestibules", growing produce on an intensive farm, using harvested rainwater. Excess or "seconds" produce is broken down into canned goods at a larger warehouse on the site, to prevent food wastage as it services an on site store to provide the community with readily-available food.
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