Planning Project 3: The Sprawling City

Master of Urban Planning and Design
Semester 1, 2019

Studio leader(s)

In 2019, students worked with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in the Sprawling City project studio.

This planning project challenges students to work on planning and design solutions at both the metropolitan and local scales.

At the metropolitan scale, Sprawling City develops advanced urban planning knowledge and analytic skills to address urban sprawl in middle and outer suburbs. Students apply GIS, remote sensing, and advanced urban modelling to analyse metropolitan growth dynamics and model the impacts of alternative urban growth scenarios in Greater Melbourne.

The local level analysis draws on this knowledge and focuses on design-based interventions to address urban sprawl.

This combined analysis is crucial to support future growth areas (e.g. Metropolitan Activity Centres, National Employment and Innovation Clusters) and to devise integrated planning and design strategies to manage growth.