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What does the 2016 Census tell us about our diversity?


Get a clear picture of diversity in Australia today. The commentary below features a range of visualisations of the 2016 Census data.

"Where do immigrants live?", Small Multiples (Jack Zhao):
Animated maps of Sydney and Melbourne show growth and movement of immigrant groups between 2011 and 2016.

"This map shows where migrants from around the world have settled in Melbourne", The Age (Craig Butt and Jack Boronovskis, 24 August 2017):
Map displays most common country of birth after Australia for every suburb in the Melbourne region in 2016.

"'Ordinary' Australia probably isn’t where you think it is", ABC (Inga Ting, 3 August 2017):
Interactive graphics uncover Australia’s most and least "ordinary" suburbs in 2016.

"Census 2016: This is Australia as 100 people", ABC (Catherine Hanrahan and Simon Elvery, 27 June 2017):
Animation illustrates what Australia would look like if it were just 100 people.

"Census 2016: Five ways Australia is getting more diverse", SBS (Jackson Gothe-Snape, 27 June 2017):
Video highlights various trends towards diversity in Australia.

"Boom and bust: five census maps that show how Australia has changed", The Guardian (Nick Evershed, 12 July 2017):
Maps of 2016 Census data reveal increasing urbanisation, declining home ownership in the inner cities and an ageing population in most areas.