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Course introduction

Through the identification of predispositions to disease, the origin of infertility and birth defects, and other genetic disorders, genome analysis is saving lives - but it could be saving many more.

With continued improvements in DNA sequencing technology, genome-based diagnosis and health management, the healthcare system stands at the gateway to a future where diseases are diagnosed early and precise treatments provided. However, in the absence of enough specialist genome analysts, we cannot translate and expand the discoveries from genome sequencing to the healthcare system, and ultimately improve health.

We need diligent, detail-oriented health and science graduates who are driven by the opportunity to better understand the genetic contributions to disease, to consider a new focus in their careers and study our highly specialised Master of Genome Analytics.

We will train you in specific technical and professional skills so that you are equipped to help the world take the next crucial steps in diagnostics and genomic medicine. Our course’s multidisciplinary structure and focus on application in industry and clinical environments, will prepare you to turn theory into  real-world outcomes and set you up for an outstanding professional career.

Career outcomes

There are many possible career choices in the rapidly changing field of genome analytics. Some options include careers in:

  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • Medical and pharmaceutical research
  • Private and public biotechnology companies
  • Hospitals
  • Universities