Diane Kraal

Diane’s latest research concerns tax law and policy around biofuels using the framework of energy justice. This collaborative, inter-disciplinary project combines the expertise of Associate Professor Victoria Haritos (Engineering Faculty) and Dr Rowena Cantley-Smith (Law Faculty). Their research was presented at the Monash Energy Showcase in October 2018. Diane led the Monash team at the ‘Just Transition to a Low Carbon Economy’ Conference in March 2018, Edinburgh. The 2019 conference will be in the West Indies with focus on ‘just transition to a low carbon economy’ initiatives from countries in South America.

Diane is part of the Monash COP24 delegation because of her biofuel tax policy research interests. The face to face meetings with policy-makers at COP24 will be invaluable for her current and future research projects.

Diane can be contacted via diane.kraal@monash.edu