Jiani He

Jiani is currently studying a Bachelor of Education & Bachelor of Business at Monash University. She was invited to COP24 by the International Foundation for African Children because on the recommendation of Millennials Energy whom she previously volunteered for. Through sharing her story at COP24, Jiani wants people to understand that climate change is not only an issue for governments and scientific institutions but also the obligation for every ordinary people like herself. To raise everyone’s awareness, her field- education is a powerful driver.

Jiani was first touched by education when she became an assistant teacher of an English school in her hometown. In January 2018, she volunteered to teach disabled children at an orphanage in Sri Lanka and following this experience, decided to pursue study in education. During her first year at Monash, she, along with other education students, participated in the Keep on Learning program which focused on providing supports to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Jiani can be contacted via jhee0041@student.monash.edu