Rowena Cantley-Smith

Dr Rowena Cantley-Smith [BEc, LLB, GCLT (Monash); LLM (Leiden); LLD (Leuven)] was appointed to Monash University’s Faculty of Law in 2003. She is also a Barrister at the Victorian Bar (1998 –current). Dr Cantley-Smith’s key legal expertise encompasses energy law, climate change law, and human and environmental rights (Australian and International). Her interdisciplinary research focuses on sustainable transitions and the energy sector in international, regional and Australian settings. This includes polices, laws, and regulations concerning energy security of supply, renewable energy, demand-side management, energy efficiency, environmental regulation of energy markets, and the protections afforded to energy consumers in energy market transitions.

In addition to being an invited contributor to Edward Elgar’s forthcoming international climate change law publication on The Paris Agreement (2019+), Dr Cantley-Smith is involved in several cross-disciplinary research projects, including (i) Energy justice and the role of biofuels in sustainable energy market transitions; (ii) “Best fit” regulation for renewable energy transitions behind the meter and ensuring energy consumer protections in emergent complex markets behind the meter (Monash Net Zero and Micro grid).

Dr Cantley Smith is the appointed Head of Monash University’s Official Delegation to the COP24, where she will be observing the international negotiations, in particular, developments concerning advancement of the Paris Agreement.

Rowena can be contacted via