Stephanie Hall

Stephanie is a dedicated communications specialist dedicated to improving climate literacy in Australia in her role as Communications Manager of the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub.  Stephanie coordinates the development and delivery of Climate Communicators, a program working with television weather presenters to include climate information in their segments and is currently developing the program infrastructure to deliver a weekly climate column to 1.6 million Melbournians in March 2019. She graduated dux of the Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability at Monash University where she specialised in Corporate Sustainability Management and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Communications from the University of Melbourne.

At COP24, Stephanie will be presenting at an official side event on how effective climate communication can be delivered in the mainstream media. This event will showcase the work of climate communication specialists from Europe and Asia and Stephanie looks forward to bringing an Oceanic perspective to these discussions, highlighting the unique program logic of the MCCCRH. This is her first COP and she looks forward to fostering new international partnerships and collaborations to improve global understanding of climate change.

Stephanie can be contacted via