Susie Ho

Dr Ho is the Deputy Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Science. She has over ten years experience in higher education, including in course curriculum design, teaching, and scholarly research, and a background in environmental consultancy within water. Dr Ho currently leads an inter-Faculty team to deliver the forward-thinking and interdisciplinary Master of Environment and Sustainability, which spans arts, science, business and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. Dr Ho’s focus is innovation in sustainability education. She is passionate about fostering curricula that prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers and believes teaching and learning should also develop students' capacity to enact positive change in society. Dr Ho creates positive, cross-disciplinary, and international learning environments, in which students take the lead as boundary-spanners and global professionals. Her scholarly research examines interdisciplinary sustainability education, student perceptions of university, and approaches to broadening employability through leadership development, social media, and industry-relevant experiences and assessment.

At COP24, Susie's focus will be on sharing and discussing innovative practice in sustainability education on a global stage. She is also part of the delegation because of her passion for fostering opportunities for student leadership and global citizenship. Overall, she wants Monash students to have opportunities to engage with critical topics and world events in sustainability, both within and outside of their course curriculum.

Susie can be contacted on