Diane Kraal

Diane teaches Australian taxation law and her research interests include the evaluation of taxation concessions, subsides and policy for natural resources and renewable resources. In 2018, Diane received the Monash Business School Dean’s Commendation for Research Impact. Diane’s latest research concerns tax law and policy around biofuels using the framework of energy justice.  This collaborative, inter-disciplinary project combines the expertise of researchers from the Engineering and Law Faculties and the Business School. Our research was presented at the Monash Energy Institute’s Showcase in 2018. In 2019 our biofuels research has been presented at three public seminars and a conference. The research has been accepted by a quality journal for publication in 2020.Diane led the Monash team at the ‘Just Transition to a Low Carbon Economy’ conference in March 2018, Edinburgh. The 2019 ‘Just Transition to a Low Carbon Economy’ conference was in the West Indies, which had a focus on initiatives from countries in South America. Both conferences had sponsorship support from the Monash University PVC (Enterprise) Office. Diane is part of the Monash team for the Stage 1 bid of the ‘Reliable Affordable Clean Energy’ (RACE) for 2030 CRC, where her tax law, and energy justice research is an excellent fit in the research agenda.

Diane was a member of last year’s Monash delegation to COP24. In 2019 Diane is joint Head of the Monash Delegation to COP25 in Madrid, Spain.

Diane can be contacted via: diane.kraal@monash.edu