Djuke Veldhuis

Dr Djuke Veldhuis is Course Director of the Bachelors of Science Advanced - Global Challenges degree at the Faculty of Science. She has over a decade of experience designing, implementing and delivering educational programs from the ground up. Djuke leads global education and engagement initiatives for corporations, not-for-profits and government institutions. She currently directs Global Challenges program, an industry-linked degree program that embeds business, communication, policy and cross-cultural competency into BSc in order to nurture the scientific leaders of tomorrow. Above all, she is passionate about engaging at the intersection of science and society. From assessing intergroup environmental dilemmas in Alaska to documenting the effects of rapid environmental and cultural change on human health in Papua New Guinea or tracking human prehistory in the Libyan Sahara, Djuke thrives on tackling interdisciplinary research questions.

At COP25, Djuke's focus will be on sharing and collaborating around best practice internationally in sustainability education and science communication. This is her first COP and she is keen to explore opportunities for global partnerships, both in terms of research and applied educational projects that span across sectors and tackle the roots of climate change.

Djuke can be contacted via: