Rahul Ramesh

Rahul is a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) & Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) student at Monash University. His passion for climate and environmental issues stems from his Indian heritage. Having observed first-hand the deterioration of the country's cities into the most polluted in the world, he has become increasingly involved in the climate movement. This includes interning at Environmental Justice Australia and working as a consultant to improve a social enterprise's sustainability outcomes. He was also part of the pilot Climate Justice Clinic at Monash Law Clinics, the branch of Monash's Community Legal Service contributing to legal interventions mitigating climate change.

At COP25, Rahul will continue to learn how he can use both law and economics as tools to advance the climate movement. He also hopes to provide legal support to Pacific Island nation states and NGOs, many of whom lack the legal resources of larger nation states and groups. Finally, as a representative of the Climate Justice Clinic, Rahul aims to foster relationships at the forum which can be built upon by future iterations of the clinic.

Rahul can be contacted via: