Roger Dargaville

Roger is an expert in energy system modelling and optimisation at the national and international scale, has developed models of the Australian energy market to produce technically and economically viable pathways to decarbonise Australia’s electricity sector. He is currently investigating the viability of renewable energy exports from Australia via different methods such as high voltage DC undersea cable, liquid hydrogen and ammonia, or energy intensive products such as steel and aluminium. Roger has worked at the International Energy Agency and UNESCO and has a background in climate change science (global carbon cycle and atmospheric chemistry).

Energy systems of the future will be a key part of the solution to reducing carbon emissions and avoiding dangerous climate change. At COP25, Roger will be participating in the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation workshop on the concept on an international electricity grid, connecting far reaching nations so as to access the best renewable resources around the planet. He will be discussing results from modelling studies of High Voltage Direct Current networks within and between countries, as well as the potential for hydrogen exports to facilitate low carbon international energy trade.

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