Ailie Gallant

Ailie is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment in the Faculty of Science. As a climate scientist, Ailie’s research revolves around problems on climate variability and climate change in Australia and the broader Southern Hemisphere regions. Most of her research relates to understanding how and why climate extremes, in particular drought and extreme heat, vary with natural climate processes and whether or not climate change has influenced recent extreme weather and climate events. She has published extensively on these topics in world-leading scientific journals including Nature. Ailie is also a passionate science communicator via mainstream and social media. She regularly co-hosts the long-running Einstein-A-Go-Go on Melbourne’s 3RRR Radio, has written extensively for The Conversation, has appeared numerous times on ABC’s Radio National and ABC Local Radio and is a regular contributor to the Twitterverse (you can follow her @safaripenguin). In 2015, Ailie received a Young Tall Poppy Award for excellence in scientific research and communication.