Ariel Liebman

Ariel is Director of the Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI) where he leads Monash’s Digital Energy initiatives. He brings together researchers from across disciplines such as Data Science, Optimisation and Electrical Engineering to identify ways to integrate new and renewable technologies into the energy system optimally. Ariel is interested is improving public understanding of renewable energy and the way such developments can help mitigate climate change impacts.

Ariel is an energy markets specialist with 15 years’ experience across all aspects of the electricity supply chain incorporating modelling of deregulated power markets and generation investment planning, network regulation analysis, and commercial retail portfolio energy trading and risk management (ETRM). One of his recent activities is the modelling and simulation of electricity markets using high performance computing platforms such as computing clouds to manage the explosive complexity in analysing future system scenarios to incorporate technology cost uncertainty and policy volatility. Ariel provides insights based on a unique mix of research and commercial experience Dr. Liebman has advised energy utilities across Australia including Energy Australia, United Energy, ERM Power, Ergon Energy, and others. He is therefore able to identify possible research collaboration opportunities that have direct commercial and market relevance.

Ariel also co-leads the Australia Indonesia Centre Energy Cluster directing a $2.8 million research program in Microgrids and Energy System transition modelling to tackle the challenge of integrating distributed storage and renewables into new system planning and investment. He has also been a frequent presenter at conferences over many years on issues ranging from portfolio risk management, carbon pricing and consumer electricity price trends.