Azliyana Azhari

Azliyana is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow whose research focuses on communicating the impacts of climate change and the importance of climate action in building a resilient community. Azliyana’s research previously focused on climate-related atmospheric hazards and now she’s interested in translating the science of climate change and its impacts to policy makers, stakeholders, and most importantly, to Australian communities.

Her background is in environmental science and management from the University of Malaya. Azliyana holds a Masters of Technology Management from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia and in 2018, she obtained her PhD in Environment and Development from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her PhD focused on the relationship of the composition of major air pollutants and the road traffic volume in an industrial environment using an atmospheric pollution dispersion model.

Her research involved climate-related atmospheric hazards, air dispersion modelling and emission management for sustainable management and policy. She focused on how emission management and the road traffic management system can reduce air pollution and provide city planners with a better option for sustainable road traffic management to establish a better environment for the urban population.