Ella Finnin

Ella is the Project Manager of Changing Climates. This project aims to increase literacy and public understanding of climate change by communicating climate information in clear, accessible formats.

Ella holds a Bachelor of Health Science from Deakin University. While completing her degree, Ella was recipient of the 2017 Global Citizenship Award for representing her university during her study abroad in the United States, completing a language course in Guatemala and an internship at a wildlife conservation and protection agency in Costa Rica.

Ella also holds a Master of International Relations from Monash University, specialising in political violence and counter-terrorism. With her background in international affairs, Ella brings a unique understanding of climate change as a matter of security and conflict.

Ella began her career at the Hub as an intern, working on a number of projects including interview sourcing, report writing and content analysis of Pacific Island Nations coverage of climate change. She then began her role as Project Coordinator for the Brisbane division of Changing Climates before stepping into her role as Manager in January 2021.