James Goldie

James is a climate researcher and data scientist with a focus on visualising climate change. As the Hub's Senior Knowledge Broker, James stays on top of the latest developments in climate science, works out how to make that research useful to the media and the public, and build tools to help Hub staffers produce great-looking and effective graphics about climate change.

James has a particular passion for data visualisation and loves finding novel way to show changes in the Earth system. As part of his work with the Hub, James contributes to open source data science packages like collateral and has worked on websites for climate change communication like Is it Hot Right Now?.

Before he joined the Hub, James submitted a thesis for his PhD with UNSW Sydney on the public health impacts of Australian heat extremes. His research involved building statistical models of hospital admissions and seeing how estimates of future hospital admissions changed with the climate. He also holds a Master of Business (Science & Technology) and a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Climate Science).