Azliyana Azhari

Azliyana is the first Postdoctoral Research Fellow in climate change communication for the Hub’s Malaysia node. With her expertise in climate-related atmospheric hazards and emission management, she has been instrumental in developing sustainable management policies.

Azliyana’s background is in environmental science and management and she holds a Masters of Technology Management. In 2018, Azliyana earned her PhD in Environment and Development from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, where she conducted research on the relationship between the composition of major air pollutants and road traffic volume in an industrial environment using an atmospheric pollution dispersion model.

As a passionate advocate for building resilient communities, Azliyana's current research is centred on communicating the impacts of climate change and promoting the importance of climate action. She is responsible for studying and analysing how information about climate change is communicated to the public, and developing effective strategies for communicating climate change science and solutions to diverse audiences.

Prior to joining the MCCCRH Malaysia node, Azliyana held a postdoctoral position in atmospheric management, where she identified a gap in climate science research and actively worked to address this issue.