Raksha Pandya-Wood

Raksha is a Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager based at the Malaysia Node at MCCCRH. Raksha brings expertise from the social science and global health disciplines to climate change.

Raksha is from the UK and moved to Malaysia in August 2020. Before joining Monash Climate Change Communication Research Node (MCCCRN) in October 2022, Raksha worked as a consultant for the United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health. In the UK, for 12 years, Raksha worked at the National Institute for Health and Care Research, Research Design Service (NIHR, RDS) East Midlands, as their Senior Research Adviser and Regional Lead for Public Involvement. Raksha led a programme of work to demystify health research with the public.

Whilst working at the NIHR RDS, Raksha was funded to conduct her PhD on evaluating the impact of public involvement on nationally funded health research. In her research she used deliberative methods and an implementation science framework to understand how impact of health research is generated when the public is involved and engaged.

Raksha has a Master’s degree in Health and Community Development, and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

At the MCCCRN Malaysia node, Raksha brings knowledge of research impact, engagement, the social sciences, and global health to climate change communication.