Rex Martin

Rex is a PhD candidate at Monash University's Emerging Technologies Research Lab, which undertakes critical interdisciplinary and international research into the social, cultural and experiential dimensions of the design, use and futures of new and emerging technologies. His PhD project investigates the social, cultural and sensory experiences of households using micro-generation (e.g. rooftop solar PV) and battery storage technologies.
Drawing on theories of social practice, Rex's research examines how everyday people understand and use generation and storage technologies, engage in practices that result in energy consumption, and deal with the weather-dependent nature of renewable generation (e.g. solar generation depends on the sun shining). By exploring and accounting for lay understandings and experiences, Rex's research seeks to promote the integration of intermittent and decentralised forms of (renewable) energy generation and storage.
Rex holds a Master of Environment (Advanced) and Bachelor of Arts (European Studies) from the Australian National University. His research interests include: theories of social practice; (domestic energy) consumption; smart grids; renewable energy; batteries and energy storage; and lay understandings (“folk models”) of energy.