Yasmina Dkhissi

Dr Yasmina Dkhissi is the Strategy Manager for Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative and Microgrid Project, an ambitious program driving the transition for Monash’s Australian campuses to 100% renewable power and net zero emissions by 2030. Yasmina works with industry, government and community organisations to ensure that the program unlocks solutions relevant to today’s energy challenges, fosters innovation and knowledge sharing opportunities. Previously outreach coordinator for the Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI), Yasmina helped the team build public awareness on energy related topics and strengthen collaboration between academia, industry and government. Prior to that, she had worked on the research and development of low-cost photovoltaics at Monash University and holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne on flexible solar thin films.
Yasmina sits on the executive board of the Climate Change Communications Research Hub and on ClimateWorks Community of Practice group. She has engaged with the public on a range of platforms (local radio, public lecture with Beyond Zero Emissions and written communication in the Ecogeneration Magazine) and has a range of volunteering commitments. As Director of Your Community Solar, she closely works with the Victorian Community Solar Alliance to help equip community groups with the tools to run community owned renewable energy projects. Very passionate about renewable energy and women’s advancement, Yasmina believes in a fair transition to a clean energy economy that benefits both the community and the environment, and is determined to assist anyone with shared vision.